Dream Journal: Star Wars Adventure Dream

Star Wars adventure.

This was an adventure to remember and share with others.

A long long day ago in a home far far away…

It all started on Thursday the 3rd of sept 2015. That night I went to sleep pondering the concept of fear. My mind went into an immediate need to understand a word which is just that….

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Dream Journal: Dirt path

ragel-ranch-003I had many dream images this morning. There was a man; white middle-aged with a big ego. He kept saying things like “I am steel” or some slogan like that. There was a mechanical construct, like a sculpture made of gears and levers about the size of a swing set all in a vertical plane. I was running on dirt with bare feet. I got one thorn in my foot, took it out and kept running. The running felt good and I did this for quite some time. My room was sort of a pass through for people that came up a back ladder and went elsewhere. We wanted to move the ladder and I was looking out over property and making sure it was still going to be on our property.



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