Dream Journal: Broken glass (like stardust) Broken Life

I’m sharing ideas with friends, one of them called broken glass (like stardust) broken life.

Prior to sleep we were discussing a dear friend. Often before sleep I ask source, self, universe to give me answers in #dreamstate #dreamshare.
“I saw a broken measuring cup and old broken pathways. I weave it together, fix what path can’t be fixed, and start a new path. There are several rooms in this dream, it was like as if I am visiting patients or clients. Each aspect of my self has something broken. They were surprised when I was able fix these aspects. I mix strands of ‘brokenness’ into a single strand.

I found that if we use meditative healing, we can pull the yuck out of our past, and smooth out the frayed parts and put them back together like cauterizing with candle wax. The tiny threads made new filaments as we gently pull from the past. The broken glass blocking the path in the room looked like stardust. There are people in these rooms standing among the darkness like as if they were ready to go to bed for the night. I see parts of myself and others and I reach to them and reassure them, as well as myself. Parts of me wants to come out of the past around the beautiful shattered glass parts of splintered soul.

I  found that I am a sacred soul bunching together for help or answers, giving hope, light in darkness. I remove glass that looks like gleaming stars, partially blocking the path; Now we emerge.”

‪#‎pinkshirtday‬ #dreamshare



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