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I have many nights like these when my mind races like a time lapse of the city streets. I’m an endless river of infinite ideas and knowledge. Every moment of when this river flow goes, I find these infinite ideas and knowledge flowing out of my finger tips onto the medium of my choosing. I morph that medium into a form that shines as bright as the universe’s brightest star.

The question is, am I crazy for randomly bursting endless thoughts onto this post? Every tip-tip-tap-tap of every key I press continues to energize the ebb and flow of my life.

If being ‘crazy’, or just plain random makes a difference in the world? So be it.




Today before the clock strikes tomorrow

Today is the most meaningful day there is. Ask Billy Corgan about it. This is because tomorrow doesn’t exist nor does yesterday except as a memory. This doesn’t mean we should put all o…

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