Behind the Scenes

Lovely Update

I have some things I wanted to bring to light after taking a little bit of a break from Word Press. I have The Dream Gallery up and am working on it as we speak. However, there were some other things I have wanted to dive into as well.

First, I am growing more interconnected with others with similar interests. Truthfully, one of my biggest goals in life is to connect with as many people as I can (on and off line). I’ll be featuring a lot of different posts, articles, blogs, etc. It doesn’t hurt to grow, help others, interconnect with others, and mix things up a bit!

Second, I wanted to work on a project that has been dancing around in my head. I call it: Alex Speak. Its kind of a mix of friendly and loving ranting, partial opinion, facts, and personal experience pieces. I have a lot of deep passions and opinions for a plethora of things in this world of ours. I want to see if putting this out there will give me (and others) some peace of mind as well as to hopefully reach out and connect with others on this.

Lastly, I am getting myself back into Readings, Healing, and Spiritual experiences again. I say ‘again’ because I used to do readings over a year ago, but then stopped due to personal reasons. Now I find myself in a place where I want to connect others with my gifts, and see if while connecting to others that we can help each other grow in the process. For now, I am starting off with a weekly card reading that will be posted on here. I have a few different card decks that I will be going back and forth from the decks I have.

More stuffs will be in the works for a later date!



By ASnowpasta

I'm just a crazy girl in an annoyingly 'sane' world. Navigating it through and through by following my own divine guidance. I have many passions in life and it all consists of my crazy dogs (rip Zuzu), Art, Writing and Poetry, Dream Analyzation, Everything and Anything Horror, Creepypastas, Music, Spirituality, Animals & Nature, all revolving within an infinite pool of love. I advocate for love and do not condone hate. I'm here to help, not hurt. Heal, not harm. Nothing can or will get in my way, success is within the palms of my hands.

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