Dream Journal: Halloween Jungle Race Track


         The dream that I had last night simply was me in my hometown, creating a race track in the middle of a jungle with Halloween decorations to finish forming a bridge. How I got to my home town consisted of me running through this portal of light with a built in path. I somehow appeared in front of my mom in the front yard. I look into the garage to see various items in Halloween colored boxes coming to life. I look to my mom and tell her that I was going to have a party. She was confused and tried to follow me around, asking of my intent as I jumped into action.

I did not hesitate for one second to figure out what I needed or what needed to be done. Somewhere along the way, my mom somehow disappeared into the background. I recall building the bridge, the jungle, the track, and everything around it, including a dark control room (filled with TV screens, computers, and a plethora of equipment) that I myself and a few individuals used (those individuals felt so familiar to me. Some were human, and others were not. I still have yet to determine how I know these people). It seemed as though the conscious Halloween decor and every fiber of what I was building followed along with my intent.

As it got closer to nightfall, there was a thick layer of fog that loomed above the mountaintops and canopy of the trees that surrounded the track. As it reached nightfall, I could see an overhead view of the track, and the race took off as the final details were put into place. I was able to see a clay model of everything put together in the control room, which soon faded into a screen which showed the true path. 

At last, I left the control room that I was in and out of, but the other individuals in that room did not want me to leave. One tried to coax me into staying, and gently held my arm. I ripped away from him and others and they ran after me. I crossed the bridge and night turned into fog, which faded to day, and pure blinding light. 


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I sometimes forget to tell myself to stop, breathe, and be. For those who have fallen, crashed, and burned; stop, breathe, and be. All will be well soon. ❤


(All credit belongs to the owner(s) of image in blog post)