Shattered Pulse

The words and cries projected by others echos.

It whispers ever so softly of empty tragedies.

Tragedy sets in like a cougar’s eyes set on it’s prey.

Predator hits. Heart stops. Pulse Shatters.

The flow within me comes to an immediate stop.

My veins thin out and come to a chill.

My mind races faster than a jammed free-way on Sundays.

I dig within a bottomless chest within my mind, seeking for the right gem.

The right gem. The right puzzle piece. The right answer.

None seem to fit. The shimmery colors sparkle among my vision.

The gems glow with endless possibilities… possibilities failed.

Its all due to a missing fit.

My ears are flooded with the sounds of the echos.

The final gem that I did not think to try was at the source.

The source of the shattering pulse. I hold it with my hand.

The gem glows and sparks with blinding golden light.

The light spreads within my soul like the roots of a tree.

It continues to grow beyond me, forever infinite past the shadows.


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