Dream Journal: Odd Silent Hill 2 Dream

PHheartI had dreamed that I was in a relatively large room. It was meant for maybe an office, gaming/media room, and a living room. There were three massive widescreen TV’s in the room, all attached to the wall, almost touching the ceiling with a bit of a tilt inwards. There were no windows, and if there were, they were blacked out. There was also a large L-shaped desk with a couple computers with a stack of games, movies, and magazines, not to mention multiple gaming consoles on the floor, underneath the main TV. There were about 2-3 people in the room. One of them being me, and the other 2 being guys. Both were about the same size, but one had a slightly larger stature than the other one, as well as a difference in apparel, hair color, and overall energy. 

      Both of the guys told me I could play or watch, or do whatever I felt like doing. They seemed so eager to see me play. I was looking up at the screen and could see the play by play of James Sunderland running through the eerie, deserted town of Silent Hill. Then all of a sudden it was like as if I teleported through the TV screen into the damned town itself. I could see James, Maria, the town, and the monsters on and off. All of a sudden while running through the town, we came to a stop to this tree, and there was a goofy looking dinosaur (a very colorful looking T-Rex) standing under it. It had an odd goofy smile, holding its hands together like a shy, small child would, looking upward, and it had a very small helmet on it’s head that wouldn’t even fit. I looked to my right and saw that Maria was gone and the man who was Jame’s turned into someone else. The goofy reptile ran clumsily ran towards the man, like as it was a dog seeing it’s owner, or a small child trying to give someone a hug. They knocked the man over and it was absolutely hilarious. Then I woke up feeling very confused the next morning. 

    To this day, I still have absolutely no clue what this dream means. Maybe I’ll never know, but it was very fun and enjoyable to have nonetheless. 


(Image/media credit goes to original owner(s) (Konami and artist-made image))

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