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CYLRiqxUQAAanwD Oh so extravagant, yet so adamant;

about causing trouble. Is it your fix?

Or maybe you do it for kicks. You are a tricky one,

AND often a dirty one;

Free to flee whenever one pleases.

I Know! Your secret is; food, treats, toys, or play time ALWAYS appeases.

Oh miss snaggle-tooth, you know what is the truth?

Despite the mischief, messes, and stinky-ness; without you I would be one hot mess.

I love you my Zizzle-Dizzle-Dazzle.



Dreams Randomness Universal World Weird-Crazy-Perhaps Scary

Dream Journal: Pug-Apacolyptic Rescue

         I was in my hometown, but with a few atmospheric and scenic twists to it. It had a feel of a beach around the East Coast and a feel of a beach of a small town on the West Coast. It was an extremely stormy night and there were TV and Radio stations raving on and on about weather disasters, weird monsters, and how it was the end of the world. These reporters urged people needed to go home, hide, and shelter themselves from the storm. I myself and my parents, brother, and a massive amount of people got into our home as the waves and storms crashed upon it relentlessly. Some of the surrounding homes had some people hiding, but only a few of those houses survived, including my own. 

           The next day, went outside and saw that it was a bizarre looking, foggy, and desecrated bad-land. A few people set off in groups looking for other people as well as supplies and other shelter. Down the road the fog started to turn a gross yellowish-green color, the color of what would remind one of radioactive waste. The badlands had Cacti and few houses/buildings sporadically. Floating among the barren wasteland was a Seahorse-looking type of creature, but it had weird glowing eyes and it was darkly colored. It lit up and made a horrible noise and it led others to this body of water surrounded by rocks. There were animals in the water and people tried to swim in the water as well as tried to paddle out on a small boat. But, those who touched the water got burned like as if it was acid and the water and rocks turned red. You could hear the screams of people burning, drowning, and fighting off the animals. I myself and a bunch of others ran past the water, down the road and to our left there was another large group of people that included more family members like my dad, some friends, co-workers, and others. Thankfully, after some time had passed and we were able to re-create a civilization better than it was before. It was organized, safe, was cleaned up, and had better technology and resources. I was running into this dark blue laboratory like setting with a few others and a couple of dogs were following me. 

            Fawn-pug-and-black-pugThere was a woman scientist with blonde hair, blue-green eyes, glasses, and a white lab coat and she looked at me saying, “Are those your dogs?” I said, “No, these aren’t my dogs. Wait I minute, I remember this particular one.” I was holding up a chubby, wrinkly tan colored pug with bright eyes. “His name is…. Rachet, I think. This was one of my ex-boyfriend’s dogs.” I held up a smaller, black, and older pug with my right arm, “And, this is Bonzai.” The scientist looked at me and said, “Do you know where he is and or his family?” I got an odd image of my head of a treehouse-jungle like society, one that I have seen in my dreams before, and saw my ex-boyfriend’s house. I looked at the scientist firmly and said, “I have got to get these dogs back, they don’t belong here.” The woman took this odd looking scanning machine and scanned both of the pugs with it. She gave me a serious look and said,”This dog has 43% cancer, it is fast progressing and he can have as little as 6 months to 3 to 4 years to live, are you sure you want to do this?” I looked at her and said yes. I gathered two darkly colored backpacks with gear and had one other person as well as a small pet dragon-like creature follow me. There was a crowd of people on both sides of me and some cheered and others stared. My dad hugged me and said, “Good luck.” One of my co-workers oddly pulled me aside and said, “Alex, I don’t think you should do this.” I said, “Well, someone has to do this.” He looked at me with sad, almost tearful eyes saying, “Wait! Stop! Don’t go!” and I went forward with these men that had a white limo waiting out front. The dragon pet, myself, and the other guy jumped forward and started flying in the air at high speed.

         We went along these deserted coastlines, rickety piers, small islands, and oceanfronts jumping from massive sea-rock to sea-rock with the oddly patient pugs on our backs. The atmosphere was refreshing and smelled of sea salt. We stopped at one point by these light green lagoon in a tropical forest. My dragon pet went into the water and swam under the surface since he saw some massive creature. As soon as I noticed they were gone, I yelled for my pet to come back. He was at the bottom by this reef and he looked up. Out of no where there was a weird, agitated cat-like creature that bit and clawed at my pet who started to morph and change as soon as he came out of the water. He morphed by changing colors, wing shape, facial features, and body structures. All of a sudden the land started quaking and all three of us started flying towards the ocean as massive sharks glided above the water and tried to attack us. With each and every attack and bite by multi-colored sharks it seemed that all hope was lost until these massive water dragon like sea creatures starting to fly upwards from the sparkling waters and pulled the sharks down with them. My dragon pet followed them towards the sea-rocks, pushed the massive coral-like rocks onto the sharks several meters under, and trapped them. He came out of the water gracefully as we stopped onto the beach, I told my pet he saved the day, he stood there with pride. The pugs were gone, like as if the mission had been completed in a flash. I felt a sense of gratitude from a force above and felt a need for celebration. Then there was this viewpoint of the rocks, water, and sharks trapped deep within the sediment and sea rocks.

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Dream Journal: Eagle Dream

            I was back in California, and I was in a place that looked like a combination of my 10221-eagleelementary school and childhood home. I recall it being very dark and oppressive. The vibrations were low and the colours were grayed and blacked out. I heard all kinds of voices including one that sounded similar to my mom’s voice. I recall being on the blacktop at school and found these eagle wings/feathers along with these beautiful beads, charms, and crystals that I was guided to collect. I still continued to collect 

these things, even with the oppressive voices and vibrations flowing through the air. Then through a clearing in a tree, I saw a big portal start to appear with a bright, nearly blinding light coming from it. The voices that sounded oppressive, including the one that sounded like my mom’s tried to tell me not to go through the portal and I saw these weird shadows and figures start to chase me. The voices tried to convince me that I wouldn’t be happy there and I was making a big mistake, but the voices were lying because I could feel it in my heart and soul. I recall coming to this boardwalk over the water and the creature’s eyes started to glow red, and the voice that sounded like my mom started to sound more sinister. I decided, ‘screw this, I’m leaving and you can’t stop me’. I created wings from the feathers and charms given to me and I took off towards the portal. The creatures tried to catch me, but they couldn’t fly, at least not very far. I continued to hear the nasty voice scream “NO!” as I entered the portal. 

         As I entered the portal, I saw a big flash and entered this beautiful world that had vast colorful mountains that looked like the grand canyon’s. I recall seeing so much bright color and feeling so good as I flew past the portal. The portal closed behind me and I started to talk to the people who I know today who congratulated me and started to connect with me on my journey. I suddenly realized it was time for me to collect more charms and feathers, because I knew I needed them. So I flew on andoff the mountain-side collecting some. They were so beautiful, I couldn’t tell which ones I needed until I started using my intuition, it was just so hard to make up my mind because all of the feathers had some type of purpose. However, I felt as though time was running short and my new friends joined along with me saying it was time for all of us to go. A screen/bright light appeared again and then I woke up.



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