Dream Journal: Lemons

Juicy Lemons HD Desktop Background        It seems as though the sweet side of life has dominated my dream. Everything in the world around me starting to “lemonize”, it was so weird. Everything basically turned into Lemon-everything! There was this huge parade downtown with lemons and it was crazy! There were floats, music, dancing, it was so much fun. I could literally see the sweetness of the lemons taking over people, beer, food, buildings, etc, and made everything smell and feel so, so sweet. There was just such a sparkle in the air and I could hear music booming louder and louder in the background. I observed tons of sparkles among my surroundings

           Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there was a massive zombie outbreak. I smell the air stench of hate and lies. I could feel all of it within my bones. The beautiful yellow, sparkles, and love went away and people started to get infected. I remember being in a store front and seeing thick crimson red everywhere I went. I knew that I just had to get away. I ended up going to my parents home in California where it seemed to have been sitting within a portal vortex.

cute-puppies20      The home was surrounded by hills of green grass and trees with a variety of other buildings. There was a light bit of rain so I had to stay inside with the dogs. I myself and my family had a lot of dogs. I found that we had a plethora of dogs (even Zuzu the boxer). There was a few areas that these dogs stayed in. One of them involved a faux grassy area with white fencing around it by the front of the house. However, it seemed as though the fencing around the house was flawed for there was an undead corpse dragging towards my front door. I was getting ready to ‘fight’ or ‘flight’, when all of a sudden, 3 wiggly brindle boxer puppies jumped in front of me. As soon as the undead being appeared, it seemed appalled by the puppies and stumbled off. The dogs nudged for me to go inside and they went off to sleep with no trouble.  


(Image credit belongs to the original owner(s))

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