Flatlining Candle Light


From the beginning of days I knew I would fade away.

Fade away from wick to wax to dust…

Wasn’t that enough?

Isn’t the slow decay of my life enough to satisfy you evil one?

I only have what feels like centuries to go, yet my drilling pain has not yet been alleviated.

Is it just me that you are after?

If it is, why so demonic fallen angel?

What is it that resides in the void of my soul you ever so desire?

Is it love, hope, faith, a crutch?

A hidden stairway back to heaven?

A heaven which you rejected and denied?

The answer will continue to be unknown.

I’ve been programmed to die since the date of my first birth.

I’ve lived hundreds of lives only to die the way I did within the first.

Death through suffering and pain.

I continue to feel that pain centuries later.

I’m flatlining within your palms.

The palms of a malevolent being of infinite power.

God help me…



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Weird WTF Feeling

question-mark-vector-1068869           I’ve had an itch to write a post like this for a while now. I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be written as a piece to vent or to just to express what is going on through my mind, body, spirit, and whatever the hell else is going on in my life, seeing that maybe someone could relate to me. Or maybe possibly add some sort of inspiration out there that speaks, “You’re not alone” or “Feeling a sense of imbalance from time to time is not out of the norm”. If neither one of those things happens, that is perfectly okay with me. I tend to go with the flow.

Okay, enough mindless rambling! Now… for perhaps the past year and a half or so I have been getting these really oddly or randomly timed sensations of something feeling ‘off’. I do know for a fact that the intuition is never wrong, but the mind that is clouded with confusion, anger, sadness, fear, or what have you can throw you for a loop. My own sensations on whether something feels ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ has indeed worked in my favor by keeping me safe and on the right track. Oh, and what I mean by sensations are what some people might consider to be ‘gut feelings’, instincts, perhaps even visions, and or sensations within the body that might signal for something. Some would believe that our own intuitions are guided by higher sources, or higher light beings. These sensations can be very sporadic at times, but those timings happen for a reason.

The reason why I am pointing this out is I’ve been noticing a pattern with some of these sensations where I feel as though something feels ‘off’. They’ve been happening around the same time of night, for a consecutive amount of nights (going from a few days straight to two weeks straight to a week of nothing to a week of something), cycling an odd pattern of ‘off’ feelings and then finally, majority of the time the next day or a few days after those sensations, something happens. Most of the time, these events aren’t major, and sometimes they are. (For the sake of anonymity, names, faces, dates, and exact details will NOT be revealed). Whether it’s little everyday annoyances to much bigger and more dramatic life changes varies. Lately, some of these events have been turning into bigger, more serious life changes, and a lot of them are not directed towards me at all. 

On the flipside, I do have a lot of positive experiences where I do see something good coming my way, and eventually it does. There’s sometimes a bit of repetition to these positive sensations, yet not as much as the more ‘off’ sensations. 

When I do get these weird sensations, I do what I can to cope with them like listening to music, writing, drawing, watching something on Youtube, meandering on Twitter, etc. Sometimes even talking to someone helps. Eventually after a few moments the ‘off’ sensations go away, but only to a point. I still feel remnants of it towards the back of my mind and in the bottom of my throat and stomach.

Anyway, I hope that this makes sense to those that might be experiencing this as much as I do. Feel free to drop a message if you’d like. I hope you all have a wonderful evening! 


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Weekly Funnies: Look! It’s a UFO!

We really do live in a strange, strange world. What if there is a possibility that there are UFO’s or ET’s? Regardless if they existed or not, it would be interesting to get some ‘perspective’ on how they could view things if they were anything like us…


Do other planets and ET’s have access to our cell phones and Youtube? If they do, I bet they are having a ball watching us humans messing around.


But sir, I don’t have roadside assistance because this isn’t a car….


So you’re saying that the numerous spottings of light in the sky was in reality the engine light going on in your ship? Right…


Ah, welcome to the airlot for Aliens and UFO owners combined… It looks like we’ve been getting a lot of ‘air’ traffic lately folks!


So hat shaped UFOs smashing into earth led into ended the time of the dinosaurs? 


The struggle on earth is real… the struggle is real…


Oh! So that’s why my imaginary cows have been going missing? Why didn’t you warn me about this sooner? I thought I was going crazy!

'Pothole.' 'I see it.'

Look out for that pothole Fred! Its a doozy!

Well, I truly hope that these goofy ETs managed to add a longlasting smile to your face and a bit of a pick me up to handle the rest of the week. 


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Weather Wrapped Raven


Wire wrapped forever.

The last guardian of time.

Dead, void, and rotten…

I have seen it all my dear.

Blinded by darkness.

Centuries of hell has killed me.

Time has no meaning.

The screaming in my head does.

I’m a lost cause now.

Now embalmed and mummified.

Roaming the valley of death.

You need to run now.

Run before I consume you.


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A Mark

A mark worth a million words.

A mark worth a million faces.

A mark worth a million smiles.

A mark worth a million opinions.

Opinion, disinterest, indifference.

Ignorance spreads as quickly as the common flu.

A mark worth a million voices.

A mark worth a million choices.

Choices, decisions, responsibilities.

Responsibilities go limp and drop to the ground.

A mark worth a million minds.

A mark worth a million egos.

A mark worth a million thoughts.

Those thoughts… the darkest thoughts.

Dismal blackness amongst us all.

A mark worth a million screams.

A mark worth a million deaths.

A mark worth suffering…

Will you etch your mark into this earth for good or evil?

It’s you’re choice friend….


Weekly Funnies- Silly Fluffy Kitties

Happy new week everyone! Now, I usually make a lot of posts about dogs and other quirky little critters, but I have yet to really dive into another kind of critter… cats! Kittens, cuties, etc. So, to help brighten up your week (whether if it was rough or not), here are a few silly kitties here to make you smile.


Kittens are like chips, you can’t only just have one!


Wassup??? DJ Kool Kat is here, making some awesome beats for ya’ll!


Talk to the paw!


Can I please have some catnip? Please, please, please? I’ve been really good!


I think this might be a new yoga pose! “The sleeping cat” pose.


I’mma clamshell kitty!

I hope these feline faces brightened up your day!


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A Mind Worth of a Million Dying Screams


I can sleep, I can’t be, I can’t be left alone with my thoughts.

Over and over my head and muscles roll around with my skin.

Thoughts as gnarled as barbed wire poke through my mind and insides.

Watch this phenomena appear again and again.

Night after night after night after night.

Gardens of beauty bloom from my finger tips with every word I type…

Every word I type.

How can the mind die as hard and painfully as mine did?

How could aesthetic beauty arrive from the origins of morbid thought patterns?

How can divine golden light come from a place which has no life?

How can birth come from a black dismal void?

How did these obscenities come to be?

Were they born within me?

If you say it then it must be so.

If I can manifest forests and gardens abloom from my fingertips…

If infinite life, love, and purity can be born from my darkest thoughts…

If a simple smile can come from extracting an aching thought…

Perhaps it is meant to be.

If it’s meant to be, so let it be.


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